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Rare and different view of the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, DC taken from under the canopy at the private entrance is captured in this 1959 photograph. Views of the fountains, trees and part of the Washington Memorial can be seen. DETAILS AND SPECIFICATIONS Date Photograph Taken: 1959Original Film Type: Kodachrome 35mm […]


Impressive architectural features appear in this 1979 photograph of the Underground rail station in Moscow in the former Soviet Union. Substantial use of arches (both on ceiling and sides) down a long hall provide an eye-catching perspective. Unique design! DETAILS AND SPECIFICATIONS Date Photograph Taken: 1979Original Film Type: Kodachrome 35mm slideDigital File Type: .jpgFile Size: […]

“This Way”

Wonderful vintage photograph taken in 1961 showing a Naegele billboard for downtown Las Vegas and Fremont Street. Go straight ahead and you will find this little town with hotels, motels, stores, theatres, casinos, restaurants, shows and very importantly… ample parking! What a great billboard and advertisement for Las Vegas… as it was over 50 years […]

“San Fran Caravan”

Great snapshot of a Cable Car in early 1960’s San Francisco, CA! Looks to have been a rainy day, as men are wearing rain jackets and women plastic head scarfs. Lots of signage on trolley, including Powell & Mason Sts., Fare 15 cents, Municipal Railway of San Francisco, George Mardikian’s Omar Khayyam’s Restaurant and Cocktail […]

“Pretty Girl Satellites”

Colorful parade float from the 1952 Tournament of Roses Parade in California. Earth in roses surrounded by pretty girls wearing different colored shirts. Looks like the one in the center maybe was giving her arm a rest? Great vivid colors and flowers in purple, blue, red, yellow represented here along with a clear, blue sky […]

“Spinning Wheel”

Wonderful 1969 photograph of the Wayside Inn Grist Mill in Sudbury, MA. Features here include the waterfall, water wheel, old stone walls and even a couple on-lookers if one looks closely. The Grist Mill was built in 1929 by hydraulic engineer J.B. Campbell. Pepperidge Farm used the Grist Mill as a full-time production facility from […]

“A Face in the Crowd”

Nice photograph depicting dozens of people enjoying a show, perhaps a puppet show, in Rome Italy in 1959. Looks like mostly local Italians but likely some tourists in there too. Lots going on in this photograph. Dozens of people and children all dressed very nicely. Many different expressions, some of amazement, some being entertained and […]

“Cars and Stars”

Stars and Cars

Amazing early 1960’s Kodachrome photograph featuring period cars parked under the Stardust sign in daytime in Las Vegas, NV. The detail here is striking. In 1961, the date this photograph was taken, the Stardust was just 3 years old. With the row of cars from the time period, all lined up under the famous Stardust […]