All images are exclusive to Midcentury Images.
You will not find them anywhere else.
All have never been seen before.

Kodachrome Slides

It all starts by cleaning each 35mm slide or photograph. This is done by hand using compressed air and microfiber cloth w/ solutions, when required. Next each one is scanned using the most expensive professional scanners at the highest quality resolution, 4,000 DPI.  This process takes much longer and is more tedious but it is the only way to achieve the highest quality, highest resolution scans of old photographs.   

The problem with this however is that even with the best scanner and Kodachrome film, when you scan at such a high resolution, every blemish, bubble, fiber, hair, scratch and blip shows up on the digital scan! This is why you will not find many old, vintage photographs digitized into such high resolutions… it just takes too much time and effort to process them. So the digital files of vintage photographs you typically find elsewhere are quick, cheap scans at lower resolutions.    

Not here! After each high-res scan, hours are then spent on each photograph, gently correcting colors and removing the blips and blemishes with the very best image correction software… to reveal the beautiful vintage, digital photographs you see here.   

Finally each one is captioned with all available information about the image, including date, location and subject matter. It takes much more time, work and effort to do this but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  

The end result is a remarkable and rare collection of high resolution midcentury images with detailed information that you will not find anywhere else. In fact, you won’t find anything like this at all anywhere else.